Products - Polythene

We have pleasure to introduce our company as one of the leading manufacturers of quality polythene products.

Our polythene products are at present supplied to various market sectors like parastatals, multinational organizations, NGO’s, the motor industries, construction companies and manufacturing industries.

Please note that due to our continuous modernization, planning and executing, we always have the latest technology machinery and well trained work force.  The quality tests conducted in our laboratory, each production process i.e. extrusion, bag making and printing ensures supply of quality products to our customers.

Our production ranges are:

- Clear polythene films in various gauges and width from 3” to 6 Mts (in sheet form, roll form as well as gusseted),
- Clear polythene film in various gauges (in tube form and printed)
- Clear UV polythene films maximum 6 Mts width as well as in colour.
- Polythene bags in any sizes and gauges as per customer’s choice clear and printed in different colours.
- Multi layer films - used for packing milk, sugar, salt, rice, oil etc.
- Multi layer films for lamination.
- Shrink-wrap films in any size and gauges.

For your kind information, the latest printing machine is capable of printing 6 colours in a single run.