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Viro Locks (K) Limited has been trading in padlocks and various other locking solutions since inception in 1990.

The company was initially set up as a Distribution arm of Viro SpA (Italy) to promote and distribute the VIRO® branded padlocks. Its operations soon grew to cover local assembly of the VIRO® padlocks and the Company also increased its range of products to cover locks for metal and wooden doors as well as safes and other security products.

The VIRO® brand is world-renowned for its focus on quality and the range of security solutions. The assembly line, which commenced operations in 1992, utilizes the parent company’s technology and methods in assembling the locks to ensure that this quality statement is upheld. Locally assembled items include the VIRO® Rectangular and Cylindrical padlocks as well as safes, and steel door locks. The degree of local assembly enables VIRO® padlocks to be supplied on Master Key or Key Alike systems.

The Company also deals with other premium brands – namely CISA®, ORIV®, Cyber Lock® and Target®.

CISA® is also an Italian brand and associated with superior quality steel padlocks, mortice locks, cylinders and other security products. The CISA® brand was introduced to the Kenyan market in the late 1990s and since then has found a secure market position.

ORIV® is a locally registered and developed brand name. The ORIV® range has grown over time from padlocks to cover mortice locks and cylinders as well. The padlocks range features different types of keys, materials and mechanisms used in the locks, as well as applications.

Cyber Lock® and Target® are brands of imported furniture locks, which are supplied to various wood and metal furniture makers. These products range from desk and cabinet locks to glass sliding door locks as well as cupboard and drawer locks.